Yên Bái Yên Bái

Yen Bai is a mountainous province with diverse natural landscape, fresh ecological environment and many famous scenic spots. These are great potentials for investment in construction of eco-tourism and scientific research spots.

Thac Ba lake scenic area consists of ​​over 19,000 hectares, with over 1,300 islands and islets. It is surrounded by majestic mountains and many interesting caves such as Thuy Tien cave, Xuan Long cave, Bach Xa cave, Cao Bien mountain, Bridegroom mountain and Thac Ba lake is called as " Halong Bay on the mountain" and it has the potential to develop eco-tourism on a large scale.

Western region (Van Chan district and Nghia Lo town) with Muong Lo field - the second largest granary in the Northwest region, There are the scenic spots and unique tourism places like Suoi Giang which is situated on an altitude of nearly 1,400m – where there is the ancient San Tuyet tea with hundreds of years old, Bon village hot spring - natural hot water source with the heat 350C - 450C; Mu Cang Chai national scenic spot with 2,300 ha; Na Hau nature preservation reserve - Van Yen district; Van Hoi lake, Tran Yen district; Che Tao commune species and habitats conservation area, Mu Cang Chai district ... these are very suitable for the development of eco-resorts, system of upland architecture single motels, habitat areas...

Besides, Yen Bai has many ancient cultural and historical relics, serving for  spiritual - cultural tourism, such as: Dong Cuong Temple, Nhuoc Son Temple, areas of Hac Y – Dai Kai pagoda and temple – Thac Ba temple, Huong Thai cave, Ngoc Am pagoda ... along with the culinary


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  • I am a Vietnamese and currently living abroad. I want to invest and construct an export garment plant in Yen Bai by FDI capital. I want to know about the land renting procedure for construction of the plant in Yen Bai.
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