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The traditional friendship relationship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Communist Parties, two nations and people of Vietnam and Laos has been confirmed by Vietnamese Communist Party, is the continuing of the tradition of management generations of Communist Parties, two nations and people of two countries in the spirit of solidarity and mutual trust.

In order to contribute to jointly cultivate solidarity, strengthen a special friendly relation between Laos and Vietnam, for 9 years, Yen Bai province has constaintly consolidated and developed friendly cooperation relation with Vientiane province.

Originating friendly cooperation 

The start of a cooperation relation between two provinces was the visit and working of a senior delegation of Vientiane province led by Mr. Chan Sy Slag Pho Kham – former member of Party Provincial Committee cum Secretary of the Vientiane Party Committee, in Yen Bai province in 04/2008 that has opened a phase of cooperation between Yen Bai province and Vientiane province up to now.

In order to officially confirm the friendly cooperation relation with Vientiane province, and to deploy policies of Vietnamese Communist Party and Vietnamese State on promoting the traditional friendly relation, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation with Laos as well as local responsibility for setting up friendly cooperation relations with Laos, in 09/2009, at the invitation of Vientiane Party Provincial Committee, delegation team of Yen Bai province led by Hoang Xuan Loc – Former member of Party Provincial Committee, Chairman of People’s Council of Yen Bai province visited and worked in Vientiane province. Within the visit, both sides held a talk and informed each other of the situation of eco-social development of each province, evaluated findings of implementing of the signed cooperation agreement and signed Memorandum of Understanding towards cooperation activities in the fields of Party Construction, Education training, Health, Culture, Sports and Tourism, Planning and Investment, the development of agriculture and forestry, industry, Trade and Services. This is the starting point to mark the nice friendly cooperation between two provinces up to now.

Strengthening cooperation activities

Talks between delegation of of Yen Bai province and that of Vientiane province in 2013

On the basis of written agreement between the two provinces of Yen Bai – Vientiane, and potential and advantages of each province, facilities and sectors of both provinces have gradually concretized through annual co-operation in health, agriculture, education, exchange of delegations, infrastructure, etc.

The cooperation activities have received regular attention and direction of leaders of the two provinces, in line with the aspirations of the people of the two locals. In the term of experts, both provinces have dispatched many officers of departments to other province in order to exchange and share experiences in health, agriculture and rural development, natural resources and the environment. Especially, in the field of education and training, the two provinces have strengthened the training staff, teachers, health officials. Currently, there are 111 students of Vientiane Province are being trained in majors: education, nursing, doctors, arts and culture and tourism ...04 lecturers, officials and students are dispatched to Vientiane Province to teach Vietnamese to officials of local department and offices, also to learn Laos in Ban Con Education College in Vientiane Province. In the field of infrastructure, Yen Bai province has contributed and provided financial support in collaboration with Vientiane Province to construct 4 basic construction works in Vang Vien District Ethnic Boarding School of Vientiane Province including: clean water supply system; housing for teachers; initial medical examination and treatment clinic for students; general biochemistry laboratory by the fund of 6.4 billion dong.

Mr. Duong Van Thong – Chairman of People’s Council of Yen Bai Province in The inauguration ceremony of the initial medical examination and treatment clinic for Vientiane primary-students in 03/2016

In addition, in 2011, Vientiane province was seriously affected by severe flash floods, landslides, the People’s Committee of Yen Bai province, with the spirit of solidarity, has provided emergency support of 100 million dong to the province in order to remedy disaster consequences and 300 million dong to repair the clean water supply system of Vientiane Boarding School. In 2015, Yen Bai province donated 40 sets of computers to Ban Con Education College and medical equipment to the Vientiane Boarding School, in order to help students to be received regular medical care and to enhance their IT capacity.

Graduation ceremony of Advanced Vietnamese Course for 20 Laos officials 2013

Annually, Yen Bai province organizes to meet, encourage and give gifts to Laos students in general and to students in Vientiane province in particular who are studying in Yen Bai province on the occasion of Vietnamese Traditional Tet and Bunpimay Traditional holiday of Laos. This continues demonstrating the special solidarity and friendship in the spirit of cooperation between the two provinces, and contributes to building and strengthening relationships between the two Communist Parties, two nations in general, and between Yen Bai province and Vientiane province in particular.


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